How to kill bed bugs

How to kill bed bugs is something that many people are curious about.

Bed bugs are a difficult insect to kill because of their many physiological changes over time in response to the pesticides being used to combat them. In layman’s terms this is called resistance. Many of the over used products on the market have not been used properly which has allowed insects exposed to these pesticides to survive and reproduce. This helps provide a biological change that allows them to become more and more resistant to the effects of that pesticide. So again the question is how do you kill or get rid of bed bug?

Bedbugs are not resistant to physical assault. This would cover everything from actually squishing a bedbug to super heating it to freezing it. Of course be careful with the freezing as it has to be a drastic drop in temperature since bedbugs have been placed into freezers, removed after two weeks, and became reanimated. They are a tough insect. Heating on the other hand is a great method used to kill the entire population of bed bugs. It can be said that heat is the Achilles’ heel of this insect. Typically temperatures over 118° will kill the entire lifecycle from egg to adult. Nothing is 100% when it comes to bed bugs but heat has been the most promising in its ability to eliminate large populations without spreading them from one unit to the next in multifamily housing.

Physically squishing every bedbug in an apartment would be futile as they are excellent at hiding in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. And this is the main issue when it comes to freezing technologies commonly called Cryonite. Using this requires impingement on the insect or the egg. If there is even a single layer of loose leaf paper between the CO2 and the target the insect will survive.

If I take a Turkey and take a blow dryer I can probably blow dry that Turkey for a long period of time without cooking the interior. Whereas if I take that same Turkey and place it in the oven it eventually will cook all the way through. Envision now you that you have bedbugs hiding within a stuffed sofa. I can steam or put a blow dryer on or use a Cryonite unit on the surfaces of that sofa but I will never get to the interior. If I took that sofa and put it in a large oven eventually I would cook that sofa through and through. This is heat treatment. Here is a good company that provides heat treatments in NYC to get rid of bed bugs. This is complete elimination of populations. And the best thing about this is that it is very rare in less it is done improperly for bed bug populations to move away from the heat into adjacent units. This is because bed bugs use heat to locate their victims. So what’s heat is introduced into an apartment it will actually bring them out of their hiding spots in search of food. By the time they realize that the heat is too intense it is typically too late. There are several videos across the Internet showing bed bugs moving towards heaters and dying en route.

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