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Question: i just found out i have bed bugs and they came from another person that i told not to bring her stuff in the house till it was all washed and treated for bed bugs they are all in the mattress and box spring and in the base board and floor and i wanted to know if there is a home remedy that i can use to kill them cause i dont have the money to get the chemical sprays or anything else so i was hoping that there was some kind of home remedy that i can use to get rid of them and kill them please help me i am tired of getting bitte nicki

Answer: ……… Do This ….. go to YouTube … search for “CO2 Bedbug Trap – The Recipe” … ( by JnSavedByTheBell )… this is exactly what I did .. it worked ……… it Will tell you if they are present ….. and Also trap /kill them too …… keep the co2 traps there until All bed bugs are caught ….. read the comments….. could look at his other related videos too … safe , inexpensive , pr easy to do

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  1. Dammit Dale says:

    a gallon of gasoline and a match

  2. chandra says:

    Try DE powder , it is cheap and non toxic , but don’t breathe it in & wear a mask when you spread it

    When the bugs crawl through it is attacks their skeletal system and eventually kills them

    Then try some of the good insecticides you can buy on Amazon as some aren’t too pricey but do NOT buy anything which SCATTERS them eg fog bombs

    Then declutter everything , get rid of clothes you don’t wear , have a good clean up so you can get to all the spaces to spray & dust the powder

    A mattress encasement is supposed to help alot but then you have to get rid of the external ones with the DE & spray & you have to KEEP treating it every 2 weeks to keep on top of things for a good while

    Hoover & steam everything , freeze items you want to keep ( for a good few weeks ) keep up the onslaught against them & you gotta win in the end!!! x

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