Get Rid Of Termites With These Easy Steps


Termites:Workers And Alates

Workers and Alates

Get Rid of Termites With These Easy Steps

Of all the many small insects and pests, termites are best known for having the ability to cause extreme discomfort to humans. They are colony pests that feed on cellulose and appear in plant or wood materials. If given a chance, termites can single handedly ruin your home. Though they may not be noticeable at first, their effect may be felt greatly after they have grown in number. That is why it is always advisable to take the necessary steps to get rid of termites quickly if they have already invaded your home. Learn the facts about termites here.

Signs of termites

They are mostly found around the windows and doors as winged varieties hovering around in colonies. There are also some signs to warn you of their presence which include:

The presence of bubbled or cracked paint – Since termites feed on the interior of a structure, they may cause the paint to bubble as they approach the surface.

Once solid wood sounding hollow – Termites have the tendency of eating the interior of wood into a hollow while leaving the outer structure intact. The presence of an echo when you tap on the woods may indicate their presence.

Presence of mud tubes outside – Termites tubes tend to spread along exterior walls and down in crawl spaces unlike wasp or hornet tubes. This might lead you to immediate Termite Removal Sacramento services.

How to get rid of termites

Now that you have discovered that you have termites, it is very important to remove all of their easy food sources before you begin killing them. Therefore, you have to move lumber, paper debris or any wood away from the foundation of your home. Some of the ways to get rid of termites include:

Set up a cardboard trap – This involves taking a couple of flat strips of cardboard and making them wet. Afterwards, you stack them together to attract termites to that area and take them outside.

Expose your wood to sunlight – Incase the termites have invaded a piece of furniture; it would be easier to expose the item to sunlight which will kill them.

Use boric acid – This is one of the common methods that is very effective in dispatching them. Boric acid which is the main termite insecticide acts by shutting down their nervous system and dehydrating them.

Call a professional – Sometimes, you may find that the termite infection is too big or maybe you are not sure about getting it right. In this case, it is advisable to call termite professional exterminators to do the work for you.

Termite prevention  

To prevent future infestations, it is important to make sure you maintain a dry home or apartment. You can also consider using pest repellants, keeping wood out of your property, sealing the cracks in your home, and arranging with a professional to come back and retreat your home regularly.



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