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Question: So ive been looking at homes and i came across a REALLY nice one in a really good area…only problem is there is some black mold in the basment. I know that black mold can kill you but some people are telling me that it is easy to get rid of. Do you know?…. Please tell me if you know anything about this issue.

Answer: First, it must be taken very seriously. Some scary mold-related videos to get you properly motivated…

And a list of symptoms, including death…

EPA says DO NOT use bleach against mold…

Having sufficient warning, check out the remarkable research on toxic mold removal done by environmental expert Dr Ed Close. Simply diffusing a therapeutic-grade essential oil regularly will likely result in an environment very hostile to mold.

Cost of the Thieves Household Cleaner, a diffuser and a couple bottles of the Thieves oil that Dr Close recommends to his remediation clients: about $250.

This seems to open a huge opportunity for investors that can stomach the risk. Buy homes at dramatically reduced remediation-required prices, see if the Thieves trick will solve the problem before traditional remediation techniques, make a huge and honest profit because you know something that is not yet common knowledge.

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  1. sheloves_dablues says:

    Black mold in a basement is an indication that there is too much moisture. It could be that the basement was flooded at some point, or that there is a crack in the foundation. Before considering getting rid of it (bleach), consider what caused it…

  2. cross-stitcher says:

    You can kill mold be washing the area in white vinegar.

  3. Dizzy_Lizzy says:

    You can’t tell by looking at mold what kind or how dangerous it is. Household mildew is black, and can easily be killed with bleach. If you want this house, have your buyer’s agent submit an offer that’s contingent not only on a standard home inspection, but also on a mold specialist’s inspection.

    Your buyer’s agent can help find both services for you. You will have to pay for these inspections, but it’s a small price to pay to know if it’s a big health issues or a small cosmetic one.

  4. timmy says:

    spraying it with a solution of 50/50 bleach/ water should kill it, but it could be the indication of a larger problem. cracks, leaky pipes, rain water not draining properly outside I’d demand a thorough inspection

  5. LAURIE says:

    You need to hire an inspector to come in and check it out thoroughly . You sure would not want to get in over your head on repairs, such as with a bad foundation, or major structural damage of the walls.

  6. sam says:

    Go look at the information about the property, is it in a flood zone? Black mold is easily cleaned with bleach water but you need to know what caused it. Maybe have an expert in the area of construction look at it and give you some advice.

  7. Elias says:

    DONT EVEN TOUCH OR LET ALONE BREATH IT IN. It needs to be remediated by profesionals and the original leak needs to be fixed.

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